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Short films

My short films are the work I'm most proud of. I got to write, direct, and edit each of these babies so they are truly an amalgamation of my interests and style.

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Fever Dreamer (2023)

Run out of film developer? That's no problem for Pepper who concocts her own using some pretty strange ingredients. Well, I'm sure everything will be fine.

I combined my love for black and white film photography and women going horrifically mad in my latest epic, Fever Dreamer. A deliciously funny mirror to hold up to your “brooding Bushwick girl that only shoots film” friend. A nightmarish warning against the illusion of fame and fortune and its price.


The Perfect Woman (2022)

Ever wonder if you're secretly being controlled by a mysterious set of hands and a remote? This 60-second short film may not ease your mind.

Created specifically to submit to NYX Horror's annual 13 Minutes of Horror festival. My first film with an original score. 



Murder on the A Train (2022)

Scared of the subway? You are now. This 9 minute short is as fast paced as New Yorkers are, and every bit as daring. It exemplifies the fear and powerlessness women often feel alone in public places at night, especially when surrounded by men.


The Ten Minute Massacre (2021)

Haunted EarPods? A Tarot Reading App? And all during a nasty New York storm? Count Noah, Drew, Cameron, and Reese in.

Written during quarantine for my honors undergraduate thesis, The Ten Minute Massacre is my little love letter to the slasher genre.

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Additional Shorts

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