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Murder on the A Train

Expect Delays.


In this multi-award winning short, a girl takes the subway home at night. And she knows which is the last stop for men who don’t know their way around.


This 9 minute cheeky horror will follow two girls on the A train home after partying. When one friend leaves, the other is left on the subway alone with 3 rowdy men. When they mysteriously get off the train at the same stop, the men follow her and tease her until she shows them who deserves to wear that gorgeous leather jacket. 

Inspired by the great revenge movies like Ms. 45, Promising Young Woman, I Spit on Your Grave, and Revenge and seminal essays by Carol J Clover.

Early Storyboards


“In a sense, each of the men is right to feel that he is not individually responsible, for the film keeps insisting that the dynamic of male groups is larger than the sum of its parts. But that does not mean… that the individuals are therefore not responsible for the actions of the group. On the contrary, as under the laws of blood feud, they are corporately liable; any of them- in this case all- are proper target for retribution, regardless of their own degree of participation.”

-Carol J Clover, “Getting Even”, Men, Women, and Chainsaws


Letterboxd Watchlist

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Early / Alternate Posters

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Photos from NJ Horror Con and Film Festival

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